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This funky small Christmas shrub decoration can be made with plastic clay, some stitching pins, and twine. Producing this decoration entails some details function, but can be finished in a few of hours and will add a unique decor to your holiday forest. Custom Pillow Cases

Pillowcase design for couples,This design is normally not a toy. Although this decoration is not sensitive, it should be handled with treatment.

how to make a pillowcase with 2 fabrics,You can make use of clay-based tools for this project, but I rely on a few simple items from around my house:

king size pillowcases,Important: perform not really utilized products from your kitchen as equipment if you plan to use them later in contact with meals.

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1. Do a quick check to examine that the shaded paintballs on your stitching pins can withstand the baking temperature of your polymer clay. Take a small piece of your clay-based and stay a single of your stitching pins in to it. Bake according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for your clay at the right heat and period.

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Check that the ball on your stitching pin number does not dissolve when cooked. You perform not really want to make your ornament only to find your paintballs dissolve when put in the oven. pillow cover mint.

2. Print out and cut out the template for the description of your shrub. My design template is normally above, but you can use a different form if your select. I made my tree 4 inches tall.

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3. Using about 3/4 of the block of polymer clay, roll out a piece of clay-based that is big more than enough to suit your shrub template. You clay will require to end up being softened by playing with it in your hands before rolling. Do not move your clay too slim. Make sure your clay slab in at least 3/16 of an inches thick. I like to roll out my clay on polish paper to keep my work surface clean.

4. Using a sharp device, cut out your shrub shape from your clay-based slab. Then use your finger to steady the outside edges.

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