Special Custom Pillow CaseUnique Customized Pillowcase

Design Your Own Floor Pillow Cases,custom pillow case cotton

pillowcase backdrop,I have to acknowledge this: doing this art was a little bit difficult. I began with small idea of how to begin because the information I discovered online was too confusing. I had taken the simple ideas and proceeded to go crazy with it-in the end, it transformed out! I’ll try to keep you from making my mistakes, and hopefully, you’ll have got awesome little books by the end! Custom Photo Products

As I stated just before, I used watercolor paper to make the body of the publication. I like the organic edge, so I tore the paper rather of cutting it.

1. The Easy Method: pillow case 9×12.

Photo Pillow Cases

Diy envelope pillowcase,If you wish to do this the easy method, use a stapler. custom pillow case cotton.

which way should pillowcase opening face,2. Sewn-Binding Technique:

Red Plaid Big Plaid Pillow CaseRed Plaid Big Plaid Pillow Case

If you prefer the look of a sewn thread, holding and get your needle.

Cut out a piece of cardboard that is normally about two centimeters wider and four centimeters taller than your opened up publication. Cut it in half to develop your front side and back covers.

Cartoon Sketch Rottweiler Pillow CaseCartoon Sketch Rottweiler Pillow Case

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